Career Day

As part of our comprehensive school counseling program at Brushy Creek Elementary, we planned our first Career Day to expose our students to knowledge of potential career opportunities. Because we believe at Brushy Creek Elementary that every child has special skills and talents, we want encourage students to start considering careers that support their interests.  Our Career Day took placed this past Monday, April 16th and we want to take the time to acknowledge all of our presenters.
We want to thank our presenters for taking the time off their busy schedules to participate in our event. We especially want to thank the following parents and staff for coming to share about their professions to inspire our students: Mr. Tran- lawyer, Mrs. Tran- Film Producer & Screenwriter, Mrs. Fulk- Nurse, Mrs. Miller- Camp Gladiator trainer, Dr. Fell- Optometrist, Ms. Mapp- Singer, Model & Counselor, Ms. Trujillo- Speech Pathologist and Ms. Garcia- Careers in Technology. 
We will also like to thank the following business for showing their support and taking time from their business: Dr. Dorski from Rock Chiropractic, Master Yang from World Class Tae Kwon Do, Ms. Rogers from Kiwi’s Party, Sam Bass Fire Department, Williamson County Museum for the endangered species and archaeology presentations, Interstate Studio for the photographers, Southwest Dairy Farms for bringing their Mobile classroom, Austin Aquarium for bringing reptiles, birds, snakes and a mermaid. The HEB flower department, Dance Works and Joe’s Taxidermy and Orthodontics Museum were on board too but couldn’t make it because of their business demands. 
The students and staff really loved exploring all these different careers. We loved seeing our students dressed up and taking “When I grow up, I want to be…” pictures. The conversations students were having in the hallways and classrooms about potential professions fill our hearts with hope about their bright future. We’re also very grateful for the support of our amazing BCES staff and parents in this event. Can’t wait to start planning our Career Day for next year!