Spreading Kindness

Students Spreading Kindness

Mrs. Putaansuu’s fourth grade TAG class completed a semester-long project on spreading kindness. They researched kindness projects that people have completed in schools and communities nationwide and around the world. Then, the students came up with a plan of action for their own kindness project. The fourth graders organized fundraisers and bake sales and donated $1,134.46 and 1738 items to local animal shelters, children in the foster care system, Dell Children’s Hospital, Immigration and Refugee Services, Austin Diaper Bank, and homeless shelters. Way to go, fourth graders! The students recorded their project presentations to share with the campus via the KBCE Broadcast (morning announcements) 

Student Name Charity Organization Money Donated Items Donated
Aleena Texas Baptist Children’s Home $150 25 toys
Kate Texas Baptist Children’s Home 11 handmade stuffies and lots of joy
Bailey Texas Baptist Children’s Home $260 a field trip in the Capital Gymnastics van to have fun at a gymnastics party with cake and pizza
Dylan BCE community 31 inspirational painted rocks
Jacob Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service $145
Chan-Yul Round Rock Serving Center $17 48 jackets/sweatshirts/coats
Asher Dell Children’s Hospital $43 Play kitchen ($140) for the Epilepsy Unit toy room
Alisha Williamson County Animal Shelter $30 160 homemade dog treats & 32 toys for cats and dogs
Skylar Texas Foster Care and Adoption Services $77 120 items- books, toys, notebooks, coats
Dahlia Austin Diaper Bank $156.46 720 diapers and 488 wipes
Sukruthi Texas Humane Heroes Animal Shelter $56 2 cat and dog bowls, dog spray, 10 cans of kitten food, 26 toys, 6 puppy blankets
Hansika Williamson County Animal Shelter 30 handmade dog toys made from donated socks and tshirts
Safwan Refugee Services of Texas $200 2 HEB gift cards for $100 each
Colton Texas Baptist Children’s Home 5 large packs of crayons, 3 watercolor paint sets, and a 20 pack of markers
Asvini Austin Animal Shelter 15 handmade animal beds made from donated blankets
TOTAL $1,134.46 1738 items